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Engineroom Design is a specialised brand design agency that uses creative problem solving and years of experience and branding know-how to deliver both commercial results for our clients as well as effective and impactful designs.

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Your brand encompasses more than just a logo and how things look; it's a mirror of your identity. Effective branding and logo design involve crafting a brand that mirrors your business at its core and, most importantly, how you wish to be seen.

branding agency

branding agency

Is your Branding & Logo Design working for you or against you?

We are passionate about working with new and existing brands to unearth their unique vision. Most important, we build a visual identity and communication that is authentic and distinguished in the marketplace, giving brands standout and impact.

Brand Creation

Have you got a vision for your brand but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? As an experienced branding agency, we can work with you to establish a solid foundation that not only clearly communicates your personality, and key messages, but also your unique point of difference. This provides us with a strategic platform to create your identity and marketing assets.

Evolution or revolution? From the smallest change to a full redesign, we can work with you to achieve a powerful repositioning that meets your business objectives. Most important, we make sure consideration is given to the roll out of your new brand identity to make the transition for both your internal and external stakeholders as easy as possible.

Brand Implementation

Branding is more than just your logo, it’s every piece of marketing and communication collateral that you use. Don’t diminish the image of your brand by inconsistency. Our team takes great pride in helping businesses launch and maintain their brands through campaign planning, project management as well as creative execution of a variety of media. Think print brochures and flyers, merchandise, promotional items, eye-catching signage and trade displays, even online and social assets.

Is your Brand yet to be born? Or has it become a bit old and tired in recent years?

Perhaps your business structure or service offerings have changed. Your identity on the outside doesn't match who you are on the inside anymore. Whether you are starting from scratch or redeveloping an existing identity, your brand design is one of the most powerful business tools you have at your disposal. It's worth the effort to get it right.

Why is good Brand Design so important?

Your brand design needs to reflect your organisation and your vision in order to create something distinctive in your marketplace. In essence every successful brand has a powerful message behind it as well as a logo that expresses this message clearly, emotionally and consistently.

Although the key elements of a successful brand can vary depending on the industry, audience, and competition. It can be said that some of the most important elements include:

So, does your brand stack up? Do you have a distinctive branding and logo design that is reflective of your positioning and vision for your brand? Or are you confusing your message and therefore potential customers with a brand design that does not represent who you are as a brand or an organisation?

Here are some of our favourite before and after branding and logo design examples. They showcase how our branding agency has successfully repositioned our clients' logos to align with their brand positioning.

Nitsuff Brand Redesign

The existing logo didn't reflect the natural plant based attributes of the product. Thus in the logo redesign we created a more natural, simple aesthetic. We also opted for a softer, neutral colour palette that allows the consumer to appreciate the product key point of difference. Both these attributes differentiated Nitstuff over other head lice products on the market.


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Montgomery Brand Redesign

Not only did the new repositioning for Montgomery Homes need to communicate their expertise in building homes on both level and sloping sites. It also needed to preserve their reputation as a quality builder with a long-standing, reliable and successful history. Thus the logo had to have strength, credibility as well being reflective of a modern company.


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Nelson Bay Golf Club Brand Redesign

A more premium-lifestyle driven branding and logo design was created for Nelson Bay Golf Club. The new design significantly reflected their ties to the Tomaree Headlands, the sea, as well as the natural beauty of their surroundings. This transformation aimed to position the club as a destination, not just a golf course.


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Azalea Grapeseed Oil Brand Redesign

The existing Azalea Grapeseed Oil logo had remained unchanged for years. It lnot only lacked modernity, but also did not represent the brands 100% Natural Positioning.


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Waste Initiatives Brand Redesign

An evolutionary Brand Redesign that kept the iconic nature of their existing logo. It gave it the modernity, presence, confidence, and strength it was lacking to be a true reflection of their service offer and the industrial equipment they manufacture.


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But effective Brand Design is about more than just your Logo

The entire experience of your brand shapes the consumers perception of your company, and ultimately, their decision to engage with you or not. This includes your website, printed collateral, digital media, stationery, signage, uniforms, eDMs as well as social media.

All of these items need to work together with a consistent and unified look, and equally important, voice in order to communicate both your key point of difference and your key messages to your customer. This unified approach forms your distinctive Brand Identity, which should be easily recognisable across all communication touch points.

Here's some real-life examples of how our Branding Agency has brought our clients brands to life from Strategy all the way through to Implementation.

Cubitt’s Brand Redesign

Cubitt’s Granny Flats and Home Extensions is a proudly Australian, family-owned, and operated business. They have have been committed to delivering the perfect design and build of Granny Flats and Home Extensions for over 29 years.

SCLAA Brand Redesign

SCLAA is Australia's largest Supply Chain & Logistics Association. They combine decades of experience with industry-leading professional development and education programs, networking events, corporate partnerships, as well as support for its members and partners.

Gamma Solutions Brand Redesign

Gamma Solutions has been a leader in barcode scanning and printing solutions for the supply chain management industry since 1992. After 30 years of operation under their original brand identity, they believed it was time for an overhaul of their brand strategy. This transformation aimed to help them confidently look towards the future and evolve their brand in the same way.

At Engineroom Design we are problem solvers, positive thinkers and always have a can do attitude. We are a branding agency that love what we do. We genuinely want to assist our clients to reach their full potential. If you’re looking for a branding agency that brings world-class branding and logo design to Australian businesses, then look no further.

Who is Engineroom Design?

Engineroom Design was founded in 2007 by Creative Director, Bec Webber. She had previously worked for some of the best Packaging Design and Branding Agencies in the country. Bec has  contributed to household brands such as; Macleans, Panadol, Sanitarium, Kelloggs, Uncle Tobys, Arnott’s, Cadbury, Pine O Clean, Continental, as well as Maggi.

After accumulating a wealth of skill and experience, she decided to bring it home and establish her own Creative Agency. Located in Newcastle, NSW, the agency was born out of a deep passion for design and a desire to provide effective creative solutions for clients seeking to make their mark in the world.

Over the last 15 years, Engineroom Design has grown into a powerful marketing, digital design and branding agency. Above all we believe that the best creative ideas come from a strong foundation built upon the power of clarity and simplicity. Thus we have developed a team of passionate designers, strategists, web developers, copywriters and project managers that all resonate with this belief.

Award Winning Brand Design Agency

The way we see it, you know your business and we know ours. When you work with us, you get to focus on what you do best while we become your very own engineroom, providing creative solutions that build your business and drive sales.

We become an extension of your team.

In any case, we are relationship people & we love nothing more than helping our clients succeed. We achieve this by using a process designed to uncover potential and opportunities. Additionally, it helps us create a fresh way of thinking through strategy and turns it into smart identity systems and communications. So if you're looking for a no b.s branding agency that will just get in and get the job done, then you've come to the right place.

As one of Australia’s top creative agencies, we’re proud to offer big agency expertise backed up by the personal and flexible service of a small branding agency. So, what makes us different from another brand design agency?

brand design agency

Think of us as your in-house marketing team. You can come to us with any design questions you may have and we’ll help drive long-term success for your business.

We’ll never put the hard sell on your team! We’re here to collaborate with you and achieve successful results for your business.

We’ve worked with a full spectrum of clients across a range of industries, including food and beverage, retail, transport, Government, technology, construction, manufacturing, the beauty industry and more. We’ll help you connect with your target audience as well as grow your sales with industry-optimised marketing.

Where another brand design agency may be bogged down by high client volumes, we purposely have a small client roster. In effect we have the agility and capability to offer flexible turnaround times and personalised service.

Brand Identity Redesign

We won’t bamboozle you with jargon and industry slang. We’ll explain everything in clear terms so you know exactly where you stand!

Our experienced team have worked with some of the most recognisable businesses in Australia, for example; Arnott’s, Continental, Cadbury, Fosters, GlaxoSmithKline, Reckitt Benckiser and Sanitarium.

We go beyond design and bring valuable strategic thinking to every design and branding project we undertake. Thus, you can expect brilliant ideas as standard when you work with Engineroom Design!

We have a proven success rate after more than 15 years in business. We are also trusted by some of the biggest brands in Australia.

Branding Agency - FAQs

Engineroom Design offers big Branding Agency expertise in a nimbler more flexible model. Above all we are passionate about providing clients with real and relevant creative solutions that make an actual difference to their business.

No high maintenance relationships, jargon or upselling. Instead, just simple, effective and aesthetic design solutions from a Brand Design Agency that has the experience and knowledge to accelerate your brands potential.

Interested to see how our creative branding agency can help bring your brand to life? Or rather freshen up your existing brand identity? Shoot us an email or give us a call and let’s chat about your business’s needs and how our team can add value.