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Looking for an experienced agency to take your food packaging design to the next level? We’ve got you. At Engineroom, we’ve helped everyone from local start ups to established international brands discover and effectively communicate their brand personality and connect with customers via great food packaging design.

We can help with the entire design and production process: from branding, brand positioning, research concepts, on pack communication, design, structure as well as liaising with the printer to ensure the end result is a high quality production.

With over 25 years experience specialising in food packaging design we have worked with many of Australia’s well known foodservice and FMCG retail brands. At Engineroom, we partner with our clients to design food packaging that leaps off the shelf and into customers trolleys.

Effective food packaging design is essential for getting your product noticed and connecting with your target audience and yes, it is worth your time to get it right. In fact your brand and product is the final impression when it matters most - on the supermarket shelf. If you don’t make an impact, or communicate clearly, you will be overlooked.

Therefore it is important to realise that packaging is your final touchpoint.

Consider this…

Food Packaging Design Statistics

As you can see, no other form of communication can claim such impact.

Is your food packaging design working for you or against you?

Do any of these problems sound familiar?


  1. Target consumers don’t seem to have any loyalty to brands and appear to be only choosing products based on price. Your product isn’t cutting it on an emotional or functional level.
  2. You've paid a fortune to a design agency for a fancy pack design, but it’s come back from the printers looking comparatively nothing like the design concept you saw on screen.
  3. You have multiple products and/or flavours but none of them look like they belong together or come from the same brand family. In fact consumers aren't even aware you have multiple products in your offering.
  4. After months of trying you managed to get a meeting with a store buyer but even so they aren’t interested in stocking your product even though it meets their category needs.
  5. Lastly, your packaging has so much text on it with the nutritional information, mandatories and product messages all competing for attention. As a result its busy and overcrowded and none of them are cutting through.

Do you need help to design food packaging? Do you need to add a new flavour, tweak some communication or rather require a full packaging refresh?

Sleek, modern packaging could be the difference between a stockist passing on your product or stacking it front and centre in their store. Packaging design is also your final touch point with potential buyers, your chance to make an impact and compel them to reach for your product on the shelf. At any rate you need to make it count.

You’ve worked hard to develop a brilliant product. All that’s left to do is connect with your customers with smart food packaging – so that’s where we come in.

Since 2007, we’ve helped countless brand owners express their product benefits through clever packaging design. We will help your product stand out in a saturated market and become an invaluable part of your marketing team, on hand to answer all your design questions and pitch in when you need us most.

Get in touch today to get started.

New Product

Are you starting a new food brand? Launching a new product line? Eager to establish a meaningful connection with your customers? We’re here to help.

We’ll create packaging that communicates the features and benefits of your product and most important expresses your unique brand identity.

From target audience research to typography, legal requirements as well as packaging standards, we’ll guide you through the entire design process. The ultimate outcome? An impactful final result that in essence effectively bridges the gap between your amazing product and your valued customers.


Is your food packaging design looking dated, tired or simply off-brand? It’s time for a redesign.

Our expert team create food design that effortlessly embodies your FMCG products' benefits and unquestionably captures the very essence of your brand.

Be it a complete refresh, small design changes, an eco-conscious packaging overhaul, or even if you're unsure of your vision, rest assured that our packaging design team will collaborate closely with you. With the result that together, we will create an effective packaging design that distinctly sets you apart from your competition.


Are you gearing up to launch new SKUs, broadening your product spectrum, or even envisioning a new sub-brand?

As you start on these endeavours, it’s crucial to maintain brand consistency. Our team will help your new products stand out from the crowd while simultaneously slotting into your existing brand family.

We’ll create effective, distinct product packaging that matches your current ranges and communicates your brand effectively. That is to say our experienced designers will ensure a cohesive, strong brand identity across your entire range.


Thinking about testing before venturing into the market?

We know the impact food packaging design can have on your sales figures. Significantly how even a minor percentage dip can cause a negative effect on your company.

With this in mind get real-world customer insights to drive your design and marketing strategy. We have extensive experience creating high quality, cost-effective concept designs. These designs capture the very essence of your products, enabling you to receive the utmost value from your consumer research. Consequently helping you to minimise risk.

Why Is Food Packaging Design Important?

Food packaging design needs to be thought out carefully to;

• catch the eye and interest of consumers

• effectively communicate the products key messages or benefits in an aesthetically pleasing way

• connect to people on an emotional level - driving them to buy


Top 7 tips for effective design food packaging

Food packaging design is a critical factor to consider when selecting a product, as the choices customers must make at the shelf can seem overwhelming. "Shelf impact" is any element of your product’s appearance that encourages shoppers to choose it over others. When you are designing your packaging, firstly think about what will draw attention and capture shoppers' interest to your products. What will make them stand away from other competing items? Potentially the colour or size of your package may be an important consideration, but in the end it’s about delivering a well-informed message about why your product is the best choice for customers. Futhermore, this requires a careful examination of shelf impact and creating the most attractive outcome for potential customers upon approach.

Here are 7 tips to designing effective food packaging that stands out, is appealing and communicates the right messages to your target consumer.


Here’s some real life examples of how we have brought our clients product packaging to life.

Point of Sale Case Study

Mentos Chews
Point of Sale Design

Mentos was launching a new Chews range into the candy mints category called 'Mentos Incredible Chew'. The product was a long lasting, soft fruit chew that had 'True-to-fruit' flavours and no artificial colours or flavours.

With this in mind, the situation the brief was to create a concept for a key visual and a unique point-of-sale display for the new 'Incredible Chew!' launch that enticed customers to buy the product at different locations throughout the store.

Food Design Point of Sale

Packaging Redesign Case Study

Azalea Grapeseed Oils
Packaging Redesign

Deoleo briefed us to redesign Azalea Grapeseed Oil. The specialty oil segment within the cooking oil category is growing and market research found the Azalea brand had the potential to further grow the category and its market share through a repositioning. From our discover phase we determined the products 100% Pure positioning needed to be at the heart of the brand repositioning.

Research Concepts Case Study

Allied Mills Artisan Bread
Research Concepts

Working with Allied Mills and Woolworths we were asked to develop brand positioning boards that could be used in focus groups to encapsulate and communicate the inspiration and vision for each potential brand territory for a new range of Artisan breads.

As part of our brief we developed names, brand identities, brand / product story and packaging design.

Food Design Research Concepts

New Product Development Case Study

Bondi Organics

Bondi Organics approached Engineroom Design to create a unique and vibrant packaging design for their new range of Superfood Bars that captured their all-encompassing healthy vision and positioned them as a credible and trustworthy choice for both customers and distributors. We gave them a bold and eye-catching look that provided continuity for their range and differentiation between products and flavours. While our research gave us a strong strategic positioning that was relevant to their target audience and gave the brand stand out in its category.