Bondi Organics

Bondi Organics approached Engineroom Designto create a unique and vibrant packaging design for their new range of Superfood Bars that captured their all-encompassing healthy vision and positioned them as a credible and trustworthy choice for both customers and distributors.

We gave them a bold and eye-catching look that provided continuity for their range and differentiation between products and flavours. While our research gave us a strong strategic positioning that was relevant to their target audience and gave the brand stand out in its category.


– Concept Development
– Logo Design
– Brand System and Guidelines
– Packaging Design
– Range Extension
– Print Production
– Web Styling


– Transform Awards Bronze (Best use of packaging)
– Transform Awards Bronze (Best visual identity in the Food & Beverage sector)

Packaging Logo Design
Packaging Design Wrapper Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design Protein Bar
Packaging Design Wrapper Design

We extended Bondi Organic’s product offer with a range of plant-based organic protein powders. We wanted to stay true to the flavour driven style of the bars, whilst giving the powders a slightly more masculine and clinical feel.

Protein powders are typically positioned in the functional category, with metallic colours and overt dessert imagery being the category norm. Bondi Organic’s organic positioning didn't align with this aesthetic. Instead, we opted for a subtle nod to the category using a hit of metallic in the icons and incorporating simple illustrations that reference dessert flavours.

This approach sees the design stand out from its competitors, while sitting within the Bondi Organics product family.

Packaging Design Wrapper Design
Packaging Design Range Extension
Range Extension Design

Bondi Organics’ product packaging sits boldly within its category providing an eye-catching solution which has ultimately driven sales since their launch. Feedback from customers and distributors has proven that their brand message is conveyed effectively, and that the health benefits of their products are easily and quickly understood by the consumer.

Packaging Design Web Design
Packaging Design Promotional Material
Packaging Design Health Bar
Packaging Design Health Bar Wrapper

Our business objective was to convey a company profile that produces high quality, standout products within a saturated market. There was also a strong emphasis to drive the branding in a direction that was slightly daring and different to other natural/organic brands.

These objectives were met and exceeded. Since our launch in October 2020 we have secured over 100 stockists and 4 major distributors covering both the eastern and western seaboard. We have collaborated with multiple social media influencers who were initially drawn to our branding and packaging.

Distributors and major retail chains have told us that the reason they have taken us on as a start-up is due to the exceptional quality of our packaging design and that the packaging easily and effectively conveys the brand message.

- Codey & Alex, Founders of Bondi Organics

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