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Local businesses require a Newcastle Graphic Design service that remains away from the big smoke in order to assist in telling their story

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If you’re searching for a local Newcastle Graphic Design agency, you’ve reached the right place. Whether you're developing a visual identity from scratch or adapting design using existing brand guidelines. Rest assured our team possesses the skills, experience and creative flair to design beautiful concepts, right here in sunny Newcastle.

Ever since 2007, Engineroom has offered dependable Graphic Design Services in Newcastle and the Hunter region. We are truly passionate about providing clients with real and relevant creative solutions that make a tangible difference to their business.

There's no need to leave town to discover an excellent strategic graphic design agency who can assist businesses in growing. We invest the time to familiarise ourselves with your business. Delivering commercial results for our clients, along with effective and impactful designs. Our design for you won’t just look pretty, they will be built with strategy and results in mind. Engineroom commits to providing Branding and Graphic Design Newcastle businesses can lean on to help grow their brand.

So why is Graphic Design so important?

First impressions hold significant importance. Did you know it takes 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about a website? During this brief timeframe, visual elements like logos, colours, photography, illustrations and fonts are all judged in an instant. As a result, the first glance can tell consumers plenty about your product or business.

Good design effectively conveys a wealth of meaning before a potential customer even reads a single word. By effectively using design, you are able to convey a message without relying solely on text.

In a world saturated with branding and advertisements, design plays a pivotal role in ensuring you aren't forgotten. Considering the competitive market out there, it becomes evident that clear, effective graphic design is essential, not only for visibility but also for memorability.


Why consider Engineroom Design?

Engaging a graphic design studio that truly comprehends the importance of good design can make a substantial difference.

As a graphic design studio based in Newcastle, we have the big-city design experience, but we’re located just down the road. Here at Engineroom Design, we know the power of good design.

Additionally, we place significant emphasis on long-term client relationships which are important to us. Designing your brand identity is just the beginning! When you work with Engineroom, you’ve got a partner with whom you can turn to. Being the go-to agency providing Graphic Design Newcastle brands trust, we take pride in our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Some Favourite Newcastle
Graphic Design Projects

Engineroom had the pleasure of working with iconic Newcastle brand, Doughheads. Their exciting new range of spreads and sauces allow customers to take home with them to make their very own creations. The new packaging designs were inspired by the research into vintage candy shop packaging and in particular their use of typography.

As part of the new Terminal Upgrade at the Newcastle Airport, Engineroom collaborated closely with the team in order to bring new life to their existing brand identity. By reflectING the broadening reach and exciting new opportunities for the Airport and Hunter region. We developed a range of signage using graphic design Newcastle customers and locals resonate with and that reflect the strength of the Newcastle Airports growing brand.

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