Love to Dream

Love to Dream are global providers of Award-Winning swaddles, sleep bags & sleep suits. Our working relationship with Love to Dream spanned over 5 years across many different facets of their brand including the packaging redesign of their existing stage 1 and stage 2 products, new line extensions and new product developments.

We also became an extension of their marketing team assisting with brand communication, marketing and promotional collateral including; product catalogues and flyers, digital and press ads, trade show displays and custom made coat hangers.


– Packaging Redesign
– Range Extension
– Dieline Creation
– New Product Development
– Trade Show Display
– Print Collateral
– Image Retouching
– Iconography & Illustration

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Stage 1

We were originally briefed to redesign the Swaddle Up Packaging Range for Love to Dream. The core objective was modernisation. The existing packaging was looking dated and as a category leader and innovator, Love To Dream needed to keep their presence fresh. The main client concern was maintaining brand recognition. 

After review we also identified there was a consumer need to increase communication and differentiation between stages and uses of products. We developed a consistent, clearer on-pack communication for product fabrics, clothing and temperature guides, product life-cycles and key benefits.

Printing economy was a factor so we created an easily stickered sizing system allowing Love to Dream to print one master artwork per SKU.


– Packaging Redesign
– Range Extension
– Image Retouching


Stage 2

As part of the original redesign project we also rolled out the new design and communication hierarchy to the Stage 2 - Swaddle Up 5050 product offer.

As well as creating finished artwork across Stage One Swaddle Up and Stage 2  Swaddle Up 5050, for 13 master SKU's we also managed the retouching of new product imagery, proofing and colour correction. 


– Packaging Redesign
– Range Extension
– Image Retouching


Hip Displaysia

We also created a Line Extension of Hip Dysplasia products specially designed Swaddle Up with a wider fit at the bottom so that it can be worn over a hip dysplasia harness or brace.


– Packaging Redesign
– Range Extension


Stage 3

Despite the continued success of their Stage 1 and Stage 2 Swaddle products, Love To Dream were only a small player in the 'over 6 months' Sleep Bag category.

The project objective was to convert more loyal Love to Dream consumers (mums) from their Stage 1 and 2 products into Stage 3 users. Their swaddle products have a strong Love To Dream brand DNA and it was agreed these visual cues needed to be applied to Stage 3 for brand recognition, as well as clearly communicating the new and unique product propositions.

Engineroom developed the packaging dieline for the garments. The preference was a wrap packaging which on-shelf allowed for more touch/feel of the garment, something consumers were asking for.

We created two sub-brand logos for the Love to Dream sleep suit and sleep bag. The overall design was simple and maintained visual links with the existing packaging design for Stages 1 and 2 and closing the perceived disconnect between the previous Stage 3 offer. We also incorporated the TOG and Age communication consistent with the Stage 1 & 2 systems and stickering to reduce print costs across the sizing ranges.


– New Product Development
– Dieline Creation

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Additional Projects

Over the course of our working relationship we became an extension of Love to Dream's marketing team assisting with brand communication, marketing and promotional collateral including; product catalogues and flyers, digital and press ads, trade show displays and custom made coat hangers.

We also assisted them with their global packaging rollout to over 40 countries creating translated packaging designs for many international markets including; China, Germany, France, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Sweden and USA


– International Packaging Translation
– Trade Show Displays
– Print Collateral
- Digital & Print Advertising

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Baby product branding and packaging design

Love To Dream have been working with Engineroom since 2014. We have only wonderful things to say about Bec and her team. Strategy, design quality, consistency, turn around times and overall attitude are their strengths. Engineroom have proved critical to developing our brand architecture which has been rolled out, successfully, worldwide. I have no hesitation in recommending Engineroom, they are a pleasure to work with.

- Hana-Lia Krawchuk, Founder of Love To Dream

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