Sewer Serpent

The Sewer Serpent™ is the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of sewer pipelines. It uses safe, extra-low voltage electric signals to detect leaks in pipelines, accurately locating leaks in drains and laterals. Unlike alternative systems it is able to provide data fast for on-site analysis. It was a breakthrough for the industry, providing an accurate, cost-effective management of sewer assets with minimal training required.
Having worked with UVS to develop the name, brand identity and positioning for their new product development the Sewer Serpent™. Engineroom created an instructional animation to show how easy the product is to use.

This animation was used at the No Dig trade show in 2015. It was on continual loop on their screens to introduce the product and generate interest from visitors to ask questions and engage with the UVS team.


– Storyboarding

– Animation

– Illustration

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Sewer Serpent Branding
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What's next?

Educating the consumer on how easy it is to use the online tool through animated infographics.

Highly functional website redesign for Newcastle University's state of the art training facility.