In 2022, The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) partnered with Engineroom Design to undertake a strategic Brand Evolution & Redesign of their entire marketing suite to re-align their communications with their purpose and future goals, and re-engage their slowly declining membership base.

Engineroom undertook an in-depth strategic review of the business and their most valuable touch point, their website, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the association and develop a new, future-focused brand positioning and visual identity that would connect with their target market and propel them into the future.


– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity Redesign
– Brand System and Guidelines
– Brand Application and Templates
- Website

SCLAA Website Redesign

SCLAA’s website was dated, dysfunctional and being used by their audience as a news site rather than the full scale educational and career resource that it was.

There was a huge amount of valuable content on the site, but the navigational structure and layout made it overwhelming and difficult for users to find what they were looking for.

Engineroom redesigned the website to reflect the new, bold and future-focused brand identity of SCLAA and provided an improved and seamless user experience for all website visitors.

The impact of the website was immediate and the results in the first 6 months since its launch exceeded their annual goals and expectations in both memberships and revenue.

Marketing Collateral

What's next?

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