The Marketer's Guide To Powerful Packaging Design

The Key to Powerful Packaging

Effective packaging design is essential for getting your product noticed and connecting with your target audience and yes, it is worth your time to get it right. Your brand and product is the final impression when it matters most, on the supermarket shelf. If you don’t make an impact, or communicate clearly, you will be overlooked.

That’s why we have developed the Marketers Guide to Powerful Packaging! No other form of communication can claim such an impact.

Your packaging is your final salesman. No matter what advertising you have done for your product, your packaging is the last point of contact for your brand. It is your silent salesman, and the final opportunity to win in the competition against all other brands graphically shouting for attention.

So how do you come out on top?

Your packaging needs to increase the consumer’s purchase intent by connecting intellectually and emotionally with them. You need to speak their language. There are 3 key things your brand needs to be doing successfully to do this:


When these things are combined, everything comes together and your products not only get noticed, but they also get picked up and make it into the consumer’s shopping trolley. Our experience has been that packs that miss one of these elements either don’t achieve the results they want, and/or get left behind by the competition. All 3 must work together to convert the consumer and make the sale.

So, this sounds great in theory, right? But how do we achieve these 3 elements in store?

The Effective Packaging Design System.

Over the past 14 years since forming Engineroom, we have redesigned 1,000’s of packaging products, invested in courses, attended market research groups, conducted 1,000’s of shelf and pack audits and read and read and read some more…

With all this information and experience, we have developed an effective strategy to help brands achieve success on shelves. It’s called “The Effective Packaging Design System” and it’s all about getting the right balance of creativity and effectiveness.


Research has found:


So how does it work?

Here’s our Effective Packaging Design wheel. Head over to our 'Four Steps to Achieve Effective Packaging Design' to deep dive on how to put these steps into action.